About Us
Prince Real Estate Group

Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Cambodia in March 2015 to capitalize on the thriving development of Cambodia's real estate.


After years of continuous growth, the Group is primarily engaged in the real estate development, property management, theme park, retail, supermarket, etc., forming a closed-loop supply chain in Cambodia real estate industry.


Since it was founded, the Group has adhered firmly to marketization, capitalization, and internationalization. Currently, the Group owns 30 subsidiaries and institutes and has invested more than US$2 billion, with a land reserve of over 12 million square meters and a developable area of more than 20 million square meters.


Looking ahead, the Group will build a number of physical capital platforms and roll out an investment of US$6 billion in the next 10 years. The Group will continue to embrace Cambodia as its base while actively expanding to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.


In the long term, Prince Real Estate's goal is to go public in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Cambodia, helping the Group achieve its aim of becoming one of the most influential multinational real estate companies in Southeast Asia.