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Job description

1. Responsible for the operation, maintenance, repair, and safety inspection of shopping mall equipment and facilities;

2. Responsible for training outsourcing personnel to ensure the safe operation of shopping malls' machinery and equipment;

3. Responsible for responding to the maintenance requirements of tenants, and keeping maintenance records;

4. Responsible for the preparation of the shopping mall's annual maintenance budget and equipment maintenance update plan;

5. According to the requirements of the property manager, be responsible for handling the formalities for the tenants' fit out work, supervise the work during the construction period, carry out completion acceptance and provide other services;

6. Do a good job in team management, take improvement measures, improve work efficiency, and control maintenance costs.

Job requirements

1. (Chinese nationality only) college degree or above, major in construction, mechanical and electrics or other related majors, 2 years or above experience in shopping mall engineering and  machinery maintenance;

2. Possess knowledge of mechanical and electrical, HVAC, water supply and drainage, secondary fit out, etc., and be able to undertake comprehensive management tasks;

3. Hold a professional skill certificate, ELV and LV electrician certificate, able to operate office software. CAD software.

Contact information

Miss Luo:+855 (0)17 314 415