Reward upon Reporting! All Employees of Prince Real Estate Group Sign Integrity Agreement

Prince Real Estate Group held a meeting on June 3 on the publicity and implementation of integrity policies for all employees. The meeting was convened in order to improve the awareness of self-discipline and avoid hitting the bottom line of integrity.

Chaired by Song Zhixin, Head of the Supervision and Audit Department, the meeting witnessed the Directors of the Group’s functional departments, heads of the project companies, and the heads of the second-tier subsidiaries attend the meeting and sign the Integrity Agreement. The meeting was livestreamed on line. The rest of the employees also signed the same agreement after the meeting.


Meeting in Progress


During the meeting, Song briefed all attendees on various subjects, including Prohibited Behaviors, Responsibilities, Scope of Application, Reporting Channels and Rewards.

Prohibited Behaviors

Strictly Prohibited Behaviors


1. Participate in the Group’s business with a company founded by or partially owned by oneself (or direct relatives).


2. Abuse of power, inaction, or exert inappropriate influence on normal business, and intend to obtain or retain business or other opportunities for any person or other party to gain improper benefits.


Other Prohibited Behaviors


Regardless of whether the behaviors benefit the partner or cause actual damage to the company, no employees shall, in any form or for any reason, engage in the following activities to obtain improper benefits:


1. Participate in any banquet, entertainment, social activity, vacation, tour, or visit any commercial entertainment venue (including but not limited to commercial karaoke halls, dance halls, night clubs, saunas, massages and golf clubs, etc.).


2. Directly or indirectly, expressly or implicitly, require any partner to promise, approve, provide, or give anything of value, illegal payment, excessive or inappropriate hospitality or travel treatment.


3. Ask or accept any gift, money, security, nominal wage, share, benefit, red envelope, commission, remuneration, rebate, handling fee, valuable or other benefits from any partner in any form.


4. Put forward non-work-related request to business partners or ask them to pay various expenses that should be borne by oneself (including but not limited to residential fit-out, wedding, funeral, travel, vacation, accommodation, shopping, tuition, relative’s work arrangements, study opportunities abroad for children, etc.)


5. Purchase or lease private goods at a lower price, pay for goods on credit, reimburse any expense that should be paid by oneself, borrow money and property, or occupy properties for free from business partners.


6. Introduce family members, relatives and friends (including companies and enterprises established by family members, relatives and friends) to business partners to engage in commercial services, procurement and other economic contract-related matters.


7. Engage in other cooperative behaviors that involve any private interests with business partners.


Scope of Application


It is learned that these integrity policies are applicable to all employees of the Group, including directors of the functional departments, heads of the project companies, and general managers of second-tier subsidiaries.


It was emphasized in the meeting that violators will be held accountable, while they must return all illegitimate interests and gains, compensate for losses, and face legal consequences.


Reporting Channels and Rewards


In order to better implement the integrity policies, the following reporting channels were announced at the meeting.


Emails: or


Phone numbers:

Mr. Song 0965760130 (Chinese); Ms. Heng Sreymom 010220339 (Khmer, Chinese).


Meanwhile, for those who report evidence, upon verification, the company will give the whistleblower cash or material reward of 5% of the actual amount recovered in accordance with the company's "Integrity Policies".

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