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Bachelor degree or above No of openings:1 PhnomPenh
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Job description

1. Strictly abide by the cash management system, arbitrage and misappropriate of funds are prohibited.

2. Responsible for checking all kinds of money and bills of the hotel, saving them in the bank; handling collection and payment procedures with the bank; handling cash reimbursement procedures in accordance with financial regulations.

3. Review all payment vouchers and bills, and deliver them for accounting treatment in a timely manner.

4. Guarantee the daily treatment and monthly settlement of cash and bank deposits account, the daily cash expenditures from the bank deposit shall be registered in the running account, count the cash daily and compare the total with the cash book balance.

5. Responsible for the review and distribution of monthly wages and bonuses.

6. Timely control hotel cash and oversees the bank deposit inventory status, regularly report capital statements.

7. Keeping blank checks, all kinds of blank bills, safe passwords and keys,  company's bank account information such as signature card, timely handle the annual account inspection and other related work.

Job requirements

1. Chinese-Cambodian bilingual or Chinese-English bilingual.

2. Familiar with Microsoft office software, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

3. Familiar with the cash register system.

4. Familiar with the hotel revenue control system and the collection procedures of each business sector.

5. 3 years work experience or above, including more than 1 year of hotel cashier work experience.

6. Junior Level Accountant.

7. Ability to complete work independently.

8. Good organization and coordination skills.

9. Good service attitude, good character and strong sense of responsibility.

10. Rigorous work style, carefulness, teamwork spirit.

Contact information

Chea Ly:+855 (0)17 858 182

Feng:+855 (0)966 546 324

Wechat:xiechealy / fenglinyu13