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College degree or above No of openings:1 PhnomPenh
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Job description

1. Familiar with the comprehensive management process of the property, assist the manager to complete the daily affairs during  park property management, and be responsible for the maintenance and management of the park order;

2. Assist the project manager to regularly monitor the compliance status of the service quality and service standards of the property, prepare inspection reports, supervision reports, continuous improvement plans, etc., and be responsible for result monitoring;

3. Assist the project manager in compiling the operation control documents, and the preparation and implementation of the quality management system;

4. Assist the project manager to inspect the property service and management status on a regular basis, and organize the evaluation;

5. Participate in the handling of the company's major property complaints;

6. Assist the project manager in the management of the property in the park;

7. Responsible for the basic work of the park administration and personnel.

Job requirements

1. (Chinese nationality only) College degree or above, under 45 years old;

2. More than three years of property management work experience, and held positions as the property management foreman or above; 

3. Received professional training in property management, candidates with property-related qualification certificates are preferred;

4. Strong sense of responsibility and service, good at communication, with considerable management skills;

5. Strong organizational skills.  Strong written and verbal communication skills

Contact information

Miss Luo:+855 (0)17 314 415