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College degree or above No of openings:1 PhnomPenh
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Job description

1. Responsible for the patrol inspection and daily maintenance of equipment and facilities in public areas, provide maintenance services for owners and accept repairs from other departments of the company and customers. Detect and solve the problems in public equipment and facilities, troubleshoot and  eliminate hidden dangers;

2. Formulate the department's annual and quarterly plans, including project maintenance budgets, staffing. work content, purchase plans, energy management measures, project plans and safety, maintenance and other management tasks;

3. Responsible for the repair and maintenance of equipment in the community and liaise with equipment maintenance and related companies;

4. Develop safety regulations and emergency handling procedures, assign subordinate employees to resolve various emergencies in the property, and properly handle the aftermath;

5. Complete other tasks arranged by the leader.

Job requirements

1. (No restriction on nationality) College degree or above, majored in automation, intelligence, etc.;

2. At least 2 years of working experience in property facility and equipment management, holds LV and ELV electrician certificate;

3. Familiar with the operating procedures and maintenance skills of various electromechanical equipment, have certain basic maintenance training capabilities;

4. Strong communication and coordination skills, able to influence others, strong capability of risk control.

Contact information

Miss Luo:+855 (0)17 314 415