Clarification Statement on Illegal Impersonation of Prince Real Estate Group

It has come to our attention that overseas job seekers have been maliciously invited to Sihanoukville, Cambodia by recruiter(s) illegally impersonating Prince Real Estate Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Group"). To our understanding, the positions being recruited are mainly makeup artists, videographers, magicians and other performers. This illegal recruitment activity has been reported on social media and overseas media.


The Group attaches great importance to its reputation and adherence to Cambodia law.


Upon investigation and verification, the Group would like to provide the following information:


1. In August 2022, Prince Real Estate Group did not embark on any recruitment or invitation of makeup artists, videographers, magicians and other performers. The official email of the HR department of Prince Real Estate Group is:, all official recruitment by the Group will be through this email only;


2. The Group has strict visual identity and logo guidelines and our logo has Khmer, English and Simplified Chinese naming conventions. The business card used by the impersonator currently circulating on the Internet is not real, and the Group do not have an employee by the name of DAVID LEE;


3. Some people who received the fake invitations have reached out to Prince Real Estate Group’s Facebook page to clarify and our Customer Service personnel have responded and provided clarification accordingly. The URL of our official Facebook page is


4. We understand the concern and public interest of journalists in covering this illegal incident. The Group sincerely hope that the media will note this clarification, and thank them for their understanding in this unfortunate matter.


5. The Group takes a stern view of impersonators using our name to conduct illegal activities. The Group reserves all legal rights to maintain our image and reputation.



Prince Real Estate Group

August 16, 2022

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