Quality of a Leading Developer | Prince Real Estate Group Successfully Hosts 2023 Media Days

On August 9, 2023, a delegation consisting of nearly 30 media outlets in Cambodia took part in the Media Days event hosted by Prince Real Estate Group, visiting a series of its property developments and various businesses owned by the developer.


The three-day event aimed to shed more light on the quality of properties and corporate culture of Prince Real Estate, whose services and real properties were designed with their users and owners’ best interests in mind.

Rooted in Cambodia, Capable of Sophisticated Urban Development

The media tour started with a visit to the 934-hectare Bay of Lights project in Sihanoukville. Construction is ongoing of the project’s first phase, which is shaped up to be the country’s first coastal, comprehensive leisure venue that encompasses a beach club, go-kart track, reverse bungee jumping, paintball, 60 bungalows, among other recreational activities.


On August 10, the media delegation visited Prince International Plaza. An independent urban complex, Prince International Plaza is located in the center of a busy business district with rich resources. The complex features a sunken ground-floor plaza for outdoor vendors and a photogenic design, offering a multifunctional destination where business, leisure, F&B, shopping, commerce and residence are integrated to satisfy the diverse needs of its customers.  

On the second stop of the day’s tour were Prince Happiness Plaza and Prince Central Plaza that are situated at the intersection of Norodom Boulevard and Monivong Boulevard.


The general contractor of Prince Happiness Plaza project, Shanghai Baoye Corporation, is an internationally renowned Chinese stated-owned company with a magnitude of capital and capabilities, having completed over 30 construction projects in Cambodia. The specialist subcontractor of Happiness Plaza’s MEP works is Power Construction Corporation of China, who has over 120 projects in Cambodia in its portfolio.


During the visit to Prince Central Plaza, questions were raised about the quality of properties and their maintenance, which is carried out as per a fixed schedule by Prince Property. Safety and comfort of home owners are ensured through regular property maintenance at Prince Central Plaza.

After the completion of the Prince Happiness Plaza development, which is currently under construction, it is expected to boost commercial activities in the area.  


On the last day of the event, August 11, the media group visited the first high-end villa project designed and developed by Prince Real Estate Group – One Tropica. 


Prince One Tropica boasts high-end clubhouse facilities and services, while adopting an artistic developing approach and offering luxurious residences for urban elites.

Considerate Towards Service Users and Home Owners

Committed to providing thoughtful, all-around services for its property owners and service users, Prince Real Estate strikes to realize its customers’ imagination of a better life with each of its many developments and business operations.

During the tour, the media invitees also paid visits to Prince Club, Prince Supermarket, Prince Property and Prince Manor.


They sang the praises of the services and quality of Prince Club in Phnom Penh, while having dinner on the premises on the first day of the tour.

On the first and second day of the tour, the media delegation visited Prince Supermarket in Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh, respectively, giving node to its professional operation and management, complete supply chain as well as delivery within half an hour in a 3km radius.


During the visit to the Prince International Plaza, the delegation also experienced the quality services of Prince Property. As a benchmark in Cambodia's property management sector, Prince Property has never fallen short of its customers’ expectation and continues to deliver on its promises of premium services.


After the visit to Prince Central Plaza and Times Square, the media group were invited to Prince Manor amusement park for a variety of adrenaline-pumping rides. On top of providing top-shelf facilities for amusement park-goers, Prince Manor has been holding a monthly charity event dubbed ‘Care for Children in Need’ since June 2023, and welcomes partnership and/or sponsorship in this noble cause with open arms.


During the dinner following a fun-filled afternoon at Prince Manor, a number of senior managers of Prince Real Estate shared the company’s commercial layout for its existing developments and operations and those in the making.

A Different Commercial Strip, Creating a New Model for High-end Residences

During the three-day media tour, a delegation comprising more than 30 media outlets in Cambodia visited various property developments of Prince Real Estate and their ancillary supporting facilities.

Prince International Plaza offers trendy and high-end brands and features a sunken ground-floor plaza for better interaction between vendors and visitors, creating a laid-back vibe. Across the street from Prince Central Square is Prince Times Square, which incorporates fashionable elements and promotes continuous improvement on community functions, service quality and business environment.


Whether it’s laundry, grocery shopping, courier service or fitness and beauty, the daily convenience and efficiency one benefits from residing in Prince’s properties is incomparable. This is a new commercial stirp in the making by Prince Real Estate – everything in a 15 minutes’ walk radius.

In addition, a new commercial project, No. 5 Road Night Market project, is unfolding, including F&B, interactive activities, live music and an array of vendors to boost Cambodia's ‘night economy’. Interested business owners, don’t hesitate to contact Prince for more information.


What’s more, the upcoming Happiness Plaza is on its way to diversify the commercial strip that meets the needs of customers of younger ages with the integration of leisure and cultures of various aspects.

Prince Real Estate Group uses the commercial spaces for different developments to set a model for the efficiency of a commercial strip for residential buildings in Cambodia. This business model that integrates leisure and retail format in a comfortable setting pieces together Prince Real Estate’s various operations and serves as an inspiration for high-end residential developments of tomorrow.  

In the future, Prince Real Estate Group will continue to draw on its extensive development experiences in urban upgrade and planning and improve on workmanship to contribute to a more balanced, sustainable economy in Cambodia. 

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