Sailing to Happiness and New Investment Horizon – Prince Real Estate Group Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony and Prince Black Card Launch Event

On March 31st, the Prince Real Estate Group (PREG) held its Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony and Prince Black Card Launch Event at its headquarters. 

MOU (31.03 (47).jpg

Attendees included PREG’s CEO, Edward Lee, staff members, media invitees, business partners, and guests from various industries.

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During his address, Mr. Lee expressed his gratitude for the support of PREG’s partners and emphasized the importance of enhancing partnerships and collaborations. The event marked the beginning of an upgrade in partnership, products, and brand.

Emily Yu, Senior Business General Manager of PREG, then introduced a new sales policy for Prince Happiness Plaza:

GRR – Guaranteed Rental Returns

Allows property buyers to receive a monthly return on investment of 0.5% of the paid up amount from the date of contract signing payment until the handover of the property. After the handover, the building complex will be leased to a well-known hotel management firm, and property buyers will receive an annual ROI of 6% for a lease period of five years, totaling 30% in ROI. 

GBB - Guaranteed Buy Back

After five years, property buyers can choose to sell back the property to the developer at the original price.

Prince Black Card

Furthermore, PREG also announced the release of Prince Black Card. Purchasers of PREG’s properties will become exclusive Black Card holders, granting them access to exclusive discounts at Prince Supermarkets, Prince Manor, Prince Club, PREG’s hotels, and many other partnering brands.

Finally, PREG signed a strategic contract with representatives from Taiwan Prince Real Estate Investment, United Pacific Real Estate Phnom Penh Branch, and Cambodia Singapore Corporation Limited. The three strategic partners will undertake the distribution of Prince Happiness Plaza, covering across both local and international markets, testament to their confidence in PREG’s brand and products.

MOU (31.03 (44).jpg

Overall, PREG’s focus remains on brand development and “building a better life,” with an elaborate “Prince lifestyle experience” and a commitment to giving back to society.

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